Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

The original David Reeves album features highlights from the David Reeves opera/musical of Cyrano de Bergerac composed during 1991 - 1992.


The David Reeves opera/musical of Cyrano de Bergerac was composed during 1991 – 1992. It was first recorded at Star-Sound Studios, part of Channel 9 in Brisbane in late 1992. His original ‘highlights’ album featured Normie Rowe as Cyrano, Simon Gallaher as Christian, Penny Hay as Roxanne and Kirri Adams as the Duenna. The Queensland Symphony orchestra accompanied the soloists and the chorus from Queensland’s Lyric Opera.

 Track List

Bergerac Back CD Cover

  1. A Woman's Heart
  2. Recipe for a Love Letter
  3. I Believe in I (unabridged)
  4. Tonight I Have a Feeling
  5. That Voice… I'm Haunted by That Voice
  6. About You (Act I Finale)
  7. Forever Be Our Destiny
  8. In the Service of Love
  9. Salutations Gastronomes!
  10. Hymn to Cyrano
  11. Look After the House
  12. About You
  13. That Voice… I Know That Voice (Finale Act II)


Reviews For Cyrano de Bergerac

“Musicians Rejoice!

And….. the music gives singers opportunities to flex their dramatic and vocal muscles, to sing high and low without grovelling in the laryngeal nether regions. A children’s chorus gets to process a la Sound of Music and bring it all to a celestial finale, Singers Rejoice!”

Patricia Kelly – October 7 1994 – The Australian

“Melody after Memorable Melody – intricate and breathtaking in scope. He is a genuine master!”

Iain MacDonald – October 13 1994 – The Argus – Capetown SA

“It has some truly memorable and melodic music which can stand on it’s own, the mark of a good musical.”

Peta Koch – October 17 1994 – Courier Mail

“Australia has an extraordinary composer in David Reeves. What he has done with Cyrano is beautiful.”

Mary Nemeth – October 7 1994 – Australian Financial Review

“…the music feels the story. That is the strength of Reeves’ music. It is melodious, it has strong rhythmic pulse, but above all, it reflects the mood of the words. I particularly warmed to Roxanne’s song, About You.”

Barbara Hebdon – November 8 1992 – Sunday Mail

“There was something about the way Normie Rowe and Tommy Tycho spoke that went beyond natural enthusiasm for a new project – Reeves’ Cyrano de Bergerac… say they were keen would be the understatement of the year.”

Frank Gauntlett – December 26 1992 – Sydney Telegraph